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Free CrossFit Trainning: Pard·Remix & Wellcee

Fee:¥1 / Person

capacity: 10 People

Location:双花园南里二区南区11号楼1层106 |1st Floor, NO.11, ShuangHuaYuan Nanli Dist. 2


CrossFit健身训练体系起源于美国,发展至今已是一套十分成熟的健身体系。仅仅在过去10年的时间里,在全球就出现了超过1.3万家 CrossFit 健身房。在福布斯的报道里,CrossFit 作为品牌的价值已经超过 40 亿美元。即便你不练习CrossFit,但你很可能也听说过它,快跟上Wellcee步伐,让我们来一起了解这项“新”运动吧。

CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed in the U.S. In the past 10 years, CrossFit has 13,000 gyms worldwide. If you have friends or coworkers that enjoy working out, you might have even heard them talking about the newest CrossFit gym. So, let’s figure out what CrossFit is and how it works!


What is CrossFit? 


Crossfit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.  Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything. CrossFit is extremely different from a commercial gym… and not just because you won’t find any ellipticals, weight machines, or Zumba classes. 


How does it work?


After a long day at work, surfing and working on projects, you have to distract your mind from the daily grind. Crossfit can help you avoid getting bogged down by negative thoughts. What's unique about CrossFit isn't just the high intensity and functionality but also the high level of camaraderie that grows from something as common as working out.



CrossFit健身训练隐含了 Boot Camp 群体训练的概念,以一个群组为单位,大家一起进行训练,相互鼓励打气下完成既定的训练目标。这或许也是 Crossfit  另外一个吸引人的兴趣点。

CrossFit fitness training builds on the concept of Boot Camp group training. It gives us the tools to improve ourselves and then motivate us to show that authentic self to a room of sweaty, strong, loving athletes. Since this process requires vulnerability, it connects and creates relationships, tribes, and squads fairly quickly. 


CrossFit这个训练系统每年会举办一次CrossFit Games,来竞争谁是地球上最强健的男人及女人(The Fittest on Earth),而这项锦标赛的奖金目前已经达到了令人咋舌的220万美元。

The CrossFit Games is an athletic competition with a total prize payout of $2,200,000 and stylizes their individual winners as the "Fittest on Earth".


Rich Froning Jr 连续四届美国Crossfit大赛男子冠军


说到这里想必你已经开始蠢蠢欲动想要尝试Crossfit 的想法了吧,不用着急.. Wellcee 已经为你的准备好了福利

So, let’s say you’re interested in trying out a CrossFit class or joining a CrossFit gym, isn’t? Then let’s start together and join CrossFit &Remix Club with the Wellcee team! 



Pierre (Pard&Remix 创始人) 曾今就职于一家国企在中东工作5年,由于海外工作的高强度和饮食的不规律。身体指标一度濒临警戒线! “是Crossfit  让我燃起了对运动的渴望和激情,并且让我的身体重新回到了最理想状态。一切都是源于真实的体验和热爱,Crossfit现在是我全新事业的开始”- Pierre

Pierre (Founder of Pard&Remix) had been working in the Middle East for 5 years. Due to harsh living, working conditions and high-intensity of overseas work, he always had an irregular lifestyle and didn’t do any sports. «One time, I went to the hospital and my body measurements were all in the danger zone! But after doing CrossFit, my life completely changed! It made me stronger than ever. CrossFit encouraged me to exercise and be passionate about sports. Now, I consider myself as a lucky guy, - I’m doing what I really love and am obsessed with.» - Pierre.


Pierre: Founder of  Pard&Remix


Pard&Remix 是在北京地区最早被Crossfit 官方认证的训练场馆之一,设施装备完善,目前拥有 6 名Cross官方认证的高级教练。 

CrossFit&Remix is one of the first training centers which opened in Beijing and was officially certified by CrossFit. The facilities are well equipped and currently have 6 certified and experienced coaches.


Pard&Remix in Shuangjing (双井店)



Pard&Remix is located in the CBD area. In a city as big as Beijing, working more than 40+ hours a week in a several areas and trying to be in good physical shape... it’s hard to make new friends. CrossFit&Remix will help you find friends who love health and fitness!


Sport is fundamental to our lives.

Remix 的斯巴达战队训练营已经开幕:即刻就可加入战队、你不会一个人在战斗!

Remix also has their own Team for SPARTAN SPRINT RACE: "join us right now, you won’t walk alone. "



Wellcee和 Pard&Remix 联合为大家真诚奉献: 凡是Wellcee 注册用户,即刻起加入Remix Crossfit 训练营, 就可享受为期 1周-1个月的免费训练. 

Wellcee and Pard&Remix offer a special promotion: Everyone who registered with Wellcee can join the Remix Crossfit training camp and can enjoy a Free trainning for 1 Week - 1 Month. 



Location: 1st Floor, Building 11, Shuanghuan Nanli Dist. 2, Guangheli Zhongjie

Tel/Wechat:  13601389066  (Pierre Zhao)


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