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A Pizza Lover’s Dream in Shanghai


 Pizza Margherita 玛格丽塔披萨



Pizza isn’t new to anybody. In fact, the first use of the word “pizza” was in Central Italy in the year AD 997. Since then, the food has flourished from its Italian origins and spread around the world, taking on inventive new forms to please any palate. 




In the past few years, Shanghai has developed into a pizza-lover’s dream city. The options for pizza are seemingly endless, from the authentic chewy crust of a Neapolitan style, to the square Sicilian slice. Shanghai also offers new pizza styles, like Japanese seafood pizza with Kewpie mayo, Mexican pizza with avocado, or the contentious American Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple. 



Here’s some of our favorite places to try different toppings around Shanghai:


I. Pizza Street 沃乐比 · 比萨 


说到上海的披萨店就不能不提Pizza Street。于2010年开业,Pizza Street是上海第一家提供全素选择的健康披萨餐厅。除了来位于普陀区的店里品尝,食客们也能在BeerPlus的店里买到各种特色披萨,同时Pizza Street也提供外卖,可配送到静安、徐汇和普陀区。

Opened in 2010, Pizza Street is a staple in Shanghai’s pizza scene and the city’s first healthy pizza restaurant with vegan options. With a home base in Putuo, and also available in BeerPlus stores, Pizza Street delivery covers Jing’an, Xuhui and Putou districts. 


Mexican Vegan Pizza 墨西哥素食披萨 


  Italian Vegan Pizza 意式素食披萨


Pizza Street致力于提供新鲜的自制食材和创意食谱,让顾客流连忘返。最新推出的素食比萨系列,比如上图的墨西哥素食比萨,以及其他数不清的创新素食披萨,给素食者们带来了更多更丰富的选择。

Pizza Street is dedicated to fresh, homemade ingredients and creative recipes that keep customers coming back. It has a newly launched vegan pizzas, like the Mexican Vegan Pizza above, and has endless options for vegetarians. 


Italian Calzone Pizza 意大利饺子披萨


肉食和奶酪爱好者也可以在这里找到他们的爱,比如Tartiflette比萨,用纯正的Emmental干酪制作,配上培根、土豆和洋葱。 我们也强烈推荐意大利辣味香肠披萨 - Pizza Street的经典之作,每一口咬下去都是幸福感满满的意大利辣味香肠。

Meat and cheese lovers also get their fare, with lots of options including a Tartiflette Pizza, made with real Reblochon cheese, topped with bacon, potato and onion. We also cannot recommend the Spicy Pepperoni enough – it’s a Pizza Street classic and fully loaded with pepperoni on every bite.


无论你喜欢什么,在Pizza Street总有一款适合你!

Whatever you like, Pizza Street has it!


地址 Adress:

1. 人民广场店:黄埔区云南南路118号

No. 118, Yunnan South Road, Huangpu District

2. 古北店:长城区水城南路17号

No. 17 Shuicheng South Road, Changcheng District

3. 澳门路店:普陀区澳门路477号

No. 477, Macau Road, Putuo District



II. Sofia Pizzeria 


比起Pizza Street的脆且有嚼劲的面饼,Sofia披萨店的披萨面饼通常更薄,但披萨却丝毫不减量。他们最独特的是Peri Peri鸡肉披萨,上面撒了用辛辣(非常辣!)的南非酱汁特制的鸡肉,就是这种南非酱汁让Nando’s在英国闻名。

Where Pizza Street has a crisped, yet chewy and hearty crust, Sofia Pizzeria has a much thinner crust, but still loaded with toppings. Probably their most unique option is the Peri Peri Chicken, topped with chicken tossed in a spicy (very spicy!) South African sauce that made Nando’s famous in the UK. 


Prosciutto di Parma Pizza 帕尔玛火腿披萨


Chocolate & Marshmallow Pizza 巧克力棉花糖披萨


Sofia的披萨有12英寸和9英寸两种选择,无论是快速午餐或深夜小吃都能满足你的需求。 他们还提供独特的甜点,比如披萨配上巧克力和棉花糖,或者巧克力娜娜饺子,里面满满的都是巧克力和香蕉。

Sofia’s pizzas come in 12- or 9-inch, making it easy to have one for yourself as a quick lunch or late night snack. They also offer unique desserts like the S’mores Pizza topped with chocolate and marshmallow, or the Choco Nana Calzone, filled with chocolate and banana. 


Meatballs & Potatoes 肉丸土豆

Chicken Wings 烧烤鸡翅



Sofia also serves classic Italian sides, like these meatballs with potatoes. They recently started branching into more chicken options as well, so while we recommend the pizza, you could also try a whole roast chicken or some fried wings.


地址:北京西路1124号, 近陕西北路。

Address: 1124 Beijing Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu


III. D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana


对于更高档的选项,D.O.C. 是我们最喜欢的正宗意大利披萨店,这里有新鲜的水牛芝士和其他来自意大利的食材。他们还专注于手工制作的面食、意大利葡萄酒和创意意大利菜。

For the more upscale option, D.O.C. is our favorite spot for authentic Italian pizza, with fresh buffalo mozzarella and other ingredients flown in from Italy. They also specialize in al dentehandmade pasta, Italian wines and creative Italian dishes.


Margherita Pizza 玛格丽塔披萨


Pizza Oven 披萨烤箱


他们所有的面包和面团都是每天新鲜制作,披萨就在上图这个燃木烤箱中烘烤 - 这是您享受正宗意大利体验所需的一切。他们还有一些创意的选择,比如梨和戈贡佐拉奶酪结合的披萨。

All their breads and dough are made fresh each day and pizzas are baked in this wood-fired oven – everything you need for an authentic Italian experience. They also have some creative fusion options, like a pizza topped with pear and gorgonzola cheese.

伴随着这里幽暗的环境,点燃浪漫的烛光,当你想给你的约会对象留下深刻的印象的时候,D.O.C. 是一个绝佳的选择。

With its dark, candle-lit interior, we think D.O.C. is a good choice for when you want to impress your date.



地址:东平路5号, 近岳阳路

Address: 5 Dongping Lu, near Yueyang Lu


Wellcee 福利:素食披萨免费送! 

Free Vegan Pizza Coming Your Way!

无论你如何喜欢什么样的披萨,Wellcee都觉得你应该有更多的机会吃它! 这就是为什么我们与Pizza Street合作,给所有Wellcee用户带来20%的店内折扣。如果您想获得一个免费的披萨,只需分享这篇文章到您的微信朋友圈,征集30个“喜欢”,即将获得Pizza Street特色纯素披萨一份!分享到朋友圈后,请截屏朋友圈有30个“喜欢”的图片,留言到Wellcee 公众号。限量30份,先到先得,送完为止,快行动吧!

No matter how you like your pizza, we at Wellcee think you should be eating more of it! That’s why we teamed up with Pizza Street to get all Wellcee users a 20% in-store discount. And if you want a FREE pizza, just share this article to your WeChat moments, get 30 likes, and Pizza Street will give you one of their new specialty vegan pizzas for free! Message Wellcee with your screenshot of Wechat moment sharing this article with 30 likes. 30 pizzas limit, first come first served, move your finger quickly!


Pesto Cashew Mozzarella Margherita



Macadamia Ricotta Pizza



Pizza Street的这两种新全素披萨使用100%的素食,绝对不含任何动物产品。素食玛格丽塔有一个香蒜酱底,配上罗勒和黑胡椒,加上多汁的番茄和特制的松仁和腰果仁坚果奶酪。纯素夏威夷风情披萨配有夏威夷果和腰果仁特制的奶酪酱,配上蒜、橄榄柠檬汁,最后撒上新鲜的芝麻菜带来清新辛辣的口感。

These two new vegan options from Pizza Street are 100% vegan, using absolutely no animal products. The Vegan Margarita has a pesto sauce base, juicy tomato and pine nuts and cashew-nut cheese, finishes with garlic, basil and pepper. The Vegan Macadamia Ricotta also features a nut-cheese sauce made from macadamia nuts and raw cashew, topped with fresh rocket, garlic, olive and lemon juice for a fresh, peppery bite.



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