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How to Rent in Hong Kong


As a hub of Asia Pacific, Hong Kong’s superb infrastructure, geographical, and financial advantages have firmly established itself as a leading business center. Along with its open and vibrant trading platform, Hong Kong also offers a thriving lifestyle.

在這菁英匯聚的地區,多元的租屋選擇也使眾多港漂陷入選擇困難的處境。除了租金較其他國家昂貴了許多,房屋的大小更是令人頭疼的主因。但是別擔心! 你將從這篇攻略更加認識香港租屋情況,讓Wellcee帶領你一同找尋適合你居住的環境吧!

Despite these attractive opportunities and stimulating work environment, Hong Kong has long troubled individuals in terms of its high rental price and the limited housing size. But don’t fret as Wellcee will guide you through the Hong Kong rental information!

香港租房信息 | Housing information

#Apartment-rental-information-of HongKong#

我是Sunny, 居住在香港一年多的港漂


As an individual who has resided in Hong Kong for a little more than a year, I have experienced the moment where my brain simply could not contain all the intricate street and MTR names.

所以為了方便對比,我們將在這篇攻略中把香港分為主要四個區域: 香港島、九龍、新界及離島。

To make things clear for you, we will separate Hong Kong into four different regions: Hong Kong island, Kowloon, New Territories, and Islands district.



對來港定居的人來說,港島不僅是香港政治和經濟心臟地區,更是夜生活首選之地。小編我特別推薦放工想輕鬆一下的夥伴們去上環享受那暗巷裡的著名酒吧 「The Old Man」,此酒吧可是2018年名列「世界最佳酒吧」十大位置!

To those who came to Hong Kong either for work or for studies, Hong Kong island not only serves as the political and financial center, it is also the perfect place for a vibrant nightlife. I would personally recommend going to「The Old Man」at Aberdeen street of Sheungwan as it is famous for its unique cocktails. It is also a flamboyant drinking den that even ranked tenth on the World’s 50 Best Bars in 2018! 

The Old man


The northern part of Hong Kong island is famous for its Queen’s Road Central that is embraced by shopping malls and skyscrapers. The middle part comprise of the governmental agency, commercial buildings, and many more famous shopping malls. 


On the other hand, the southern part of Hong Kong island contains luxury residential areas and tourist centers. As the area with superb work environment, transport, study,and recreational surroundings, Hong Kong island’s living standards are relatively higher compared with other regions in Hong Kong. Other residential areas also possess convenience in public transport and diverse residential buildings like bungalows and commonly seen apartments.

港島租房信息 | Housing list of HK island

#Apartment-rental-information-of HongKong Island#



身為遊客的購物和美食天地,園方Elements廣場、 旺角女人街、又一城、九龍公園等都是九龍著名的必去之處。位於九龍的環球貿易廣場是香港最高的建築物和擁有開創先河的LED 燈光音樂表演,香港最棒的公園-九龍公園更是完美的結合了眾多花園和多元化的娛樂休閒設施。

As the food and shopping paradise, Tsim Sha Tsui’s ELEMENTS mall, Mongkok’s Ladies Market, Kowloon Tong’s Festival Walk, and Kowloon Park are popular sites of Kowloon. The International Commerce Centre remains as the highest building in Hong Kong that is first to have a LED music light show performance. Hong Kong’s Kowloon Park is also a suitable place that incorporated numerous gardens and recreational entertainment.


I personally recommend visiting Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City for shopping, Kowloon Park for a walk, and the Star Ferry for sightseeing of the Victoria Harbour! 


Kowloon, though shares superb public transport with the Hong Kong island, its living standards, however, are relatively lower as compared with the Hong Kong island. Moreover, as a densely populated area, Kowloon’s housing options are usually rooms that are slightly crowded and small. Furthermore, the housings are generally apartments or tenements.

九龍租房信息 | Housing list of Kowloon

#Apartment-rental-information-of Kowloon#




Unlike the bustling Hong Kong island and Kowloon, New Territoriesis unique in terms of its tranquil and slow paced environment. If you want to seek for a place for a good quality of life and a less tense surrounding, most individuals choose to accommodate in Tai Po District, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Sai Kung etc.


Despite having a relaxed, refreshing living environment, New Territories’s transportation has long posed a problem. Due to New Territories’s wide range of area, many parts of the region continues to lack a convenient metro line. Therefore, numerous individuals often use the light rail, minibus, taxi, or personally owned cars. 

但也因為此處清幽,擁有絕美海與山景,及較便宜的租屋選擇,新界依舊是港漂居住香港的極佳選擇之一。Though individuals experience long traveling hours, numerous settle in the region because of its spectacular ocean and mountain sight. The relatively cheaper rental prices also remain as the motivation for individuals to reside in New Territories.

新界租房價格 | Housing list of New Territories

#Apartment-rental-information-of New Territories#




Islands district, or the well known Hong Kong’s magnificent backyard, holds a widespread area despite its little population. Unlike the urban city that Hong Kong depicts itself as, Islands district’s Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, Tai O, Po Toi Islands areas contain historic relics, distinctive beaches, and fresh seafood delicacies.


Normally, the residential options are fishing villages. Lamma Island offers village houses while Cheung Chau and Peng Chau have public and private housing estates. Cheung Sha area mainly include independent housings.

離島區租房信息 | Housing list of Outlying Islands

#Apartment-rental-information-of-Outlying islands#


Hopefully after reading the guide, you will have a brief understanding of the environment and surroundings of the four different regions of Hong Kong. Now, you will receive some practical rental tips:




👉If you utilized a housing agent or equivalent agencies for finding your suitable housing, please ensure that the individual is an actual agent/agency. Moreover, please be aware that the commission for the agent/agency is usually equivalent to a month of the rental price—which is usually shared between the tenant and the landlord. If you do not want to incur extra fees, you can use reliable websites or platforms like Wellcee for housing search.




👉Hong Kong’s prevalent lease period is 12 months plus an additional 2 months of termination notice period. If you are financially capable, you can attempt to discuss with the landlord regarding paying half a year or one year rent in advance in return for a favorable rental price.




👉While signing the contract, please list out the rental conditions to avoid future disputes. You can list conditions such as lease period, rental price, and payment date etc. For household and electrical appliances, you should record the amount provided and the brand names of those equipments to prevent future issues. 


👉Other than this, note whether the contract includes utility, management, rate, and miscellaneous expenses. These expenses and future possible repairing expenses should be clearly stated on the contract as well as the person who will be responsible for the incurred fees.





-Carefully and attentively check the housing conditions,clearly state it in the contract. 

-Ensure that other miscellaneous expenses are all recorded in the contract.


Hope this Hong Kong rental guide adds to your understanding of the housing options in Hong Kong and assists you in terms of housing search. No matter where you decide to settle yourself in, Hong Kong is definitely the perfect place for travel, work, and life. 


Whether you want a fast or slow paced environment, enriching day or nightlife, or a bustling or tranquil lifestyle, Hong Kong’s diverse options definitely will fascinate you.


Though finding a suitable accommodation is a tough process that requires constant research, Wellcee has helped saved the mentally exhaustive steps for you.

在Wellcee平台裡,我們有著三不承諾:不收取仲介費用、不用虛假的房源照片、更不使用虛假的房屋訊息。我們不僅是一個平易近人的平台,更是秉持著幫助各位找尋及提供合適的房屋選擇。於使用Wellcee 中,我們希望與你們不只是使用者與平台擁有者的關係,而是可以一起交流及分享生活有趣的事物的朋友!

At Wellcee, we have three NOs: No agency fee, no fake housing pictures, and no fake housing options! We are not only an user friendly platform, but further holding the mission to assist everyone in finding his or her suitable accommodation!

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於使用Wellcee 中,我們希望與你們不只是使用者與平台擁有者的關係,而是可以一起交流及分享生活有趣的事物的朋友!

Through using Wellcee, we and you are not only platform owners and users. Instead, we hope to establish a friendship in which we can exchange and share the simple things and events in our life!

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